This book changed my life


Hello friends,

I am Pramit. I am visually impaired (cannot read at all).

A while back I finished reading this great book by Erik Weihenmayer, a blind mountaineer. Erik’s attitude towards life is so powerful and motivating that it really shook me up that I could focus on bigger things in life than getting trapped in the day to day nonsense.

The book’s title is “Touch the Top of the World: A Blind Man's Journey to Climb Farther than the Eye Can See”, and its available on Audible.

Hence this led to a resolution that I will single mindedly go after my passion to build better  tech solution which will work for me and in the process, hopefully, will work for broader visually impaired community.

Divine forces have enabled me to put together a tech startup with an equally motivated partner.

My interest in technology is due to it playing a pivotal role in keeping me working independendly even as my vision kept dropping since 1999.

Amongst other things, I am a voracious reader (hearer of audiobooks), I love meditating and I am also an experimental cook. I was lucky enough to reverse my diabetes through significant lifestyle changes about 10 years back. Sharing my learning and motivating others online is another interest area. I do this strictly on a non-commercial basis. Link:



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